arrow1 1/21/08: New Year

2008 has arrived and far too much time has passed since my last entry. What have I been doing? Well, I made a trip to San Antonio and spent some quality time with the family and Corey. While there, I attended (and even participated in) the wedding of a high school friend. Congrats Jeremy and Mary. The trip sped by as I expected. I was back in Veragua before I knew what had hit me.


arrow1 12/04/07: Winter's Here

So winter has arrived, and while I'm not expecting snow, the weather has cooled noticeably and I've bid my farewell to sweaty days and nights. On the other hand, the cool bucket baths can be more of a shock than a refresher, and the end of the heat means the arrival of the rain. I suppose everything is a tradeoff.


arrow1 10/18/07: Monthly Update

Update: I added an article describing my project. Might be some new pictures too. Check the dates next to the galleries.

Well the last month has flown by like the rest of them. I suppose I can't expect time to slow down at this point. The youth conference I mentioned in the last entry happened last week and it was a tremendous success. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Licey al Medio at the same center where I helped at the eye surgery mission 7 months ago. 28 kids came with 14 volunteers and everyone had a great time. The volunteers did a wonderful job planning the sessions which covered topics in both technical and instructional areas.


arrow1 9/16/07: Summer Break

Update: I added that "read more" dealy to make the front page less verbose. Just click it to read the rest of the entry.

...And what a summer break it was... After a two month hiatus from web maintenance and serious responsibility in general, I'm back with a vengeance (vuelvo con una venganza?). OK, that sounds a little violent. But I am back, finally, and with no less than a superexciting recap of the last two months.

So what have I been being doing the last two months? In outline form:


arrow1 7/10/07: So.....

Update: Graduation Pictures, Vacation Pictures, more Kitty Pictures

I don't know why I've been putting off the website for the past month but for some reason, this thing has felt more like a responsibility than a hobby as of late. Certainly enough has happened since the last entry to warrant an update.

As you know (if you even skimmed the last entry), Corey came to visit me for a couple of weeks and my parents and sister came around the same time such that their visits overlapped a few days. The time with Corey was nice though it didn't start off in the best of ways with 4-5 days of solid rain. We were able to make it to the capital where we saw the Colonial Zone and the Peace Corps Office before the rain started up again. We made it out to Cabarete and then Sosua where Corey managed to get a sunburn walking in the fifteen minutes of sun that shined down that day. The next day, in Cabarete, we both baked ourselves on the beach during the first day of real sun. But we made it out ok, Corey utilizing the aloe plant in my front yard.


arrow1 5/27/07: No Whiners

Update: Two new photo sets up (the birthdays). The shoutbox has been moved to the contact section. Dejame un mensaje.

So as some of you might have noticed in the last entry, I was a little stressed out the last few weeks. The kitties were one thing, and I was simultaneously dealing with a quickly approaching yet unplanned graduation ceremony as well as the usual frustrations with (non-)projects and counterparts. But I don't like whining. And anyway, I've come to a temporary resolve which should last at least two more weeks. One can hope.

I've given away two of the kitties to neighbors. I know one will be well taken care of but I can only hope the other will get the kind of treatment it needs. One will stay here with me (the black and white one). He remains unnamed as of yet, but my neighbor likes to call him Mitsubishi. I don't know why.


arrow1 5/10/07: Lesson #1257: No Pets

Update: First article up for my one year retrospective

Yet more tragedy in Veragua. Pokey, my cat, was attacked by dogs two nights ago, and hasn't appeared since. She's feared to be dead (by me alone, it seems) and that leaves me with a serious problem. Her three three-week old kittens (see kitties) have been left without a mother... in my house.

Neighbors have made some "encouraging" comments to me, but none have offered to help me take care of them or raise them. I didn't expect them to. I'm just not entirely sure what to do. I've been using a small eye-drop bottle to feed them milk and the three of them seem to be catching on. Still, there's no way I can be the mommy cat for 2 weeks (or longer). They drive me crazy besides! And I'm not at home all the time. They're already escaping from wherever I've come up with to put them and I have to go searching in every nook and cranny of the house whenever I get home.


arrow1 5/07/07: One Whole Year

Update: More cosmetic changes (aye que linda!), posted pictures of the kitties

Last Saturday, May 5th 2007, I celebrated the official one year mark here in Veragua. I didn't end up doing a whole heck of a lot besides working in my front yard a little pulling weeds and such. The grass is coming in nicely, and the guandules (pigeon peas?) tree has finished blooming. My neighbor and I picked most of them on Sunday and she made me a nice lunch with them. I've always liked guandules and it's too bad they can't be found in the States.

During the last week or two I've been thinking about what a year abroad has done to me - how I've changed and what I've learned and done. Certainly there's too much to sum up here as a blog, but I want to put something together, something coherent and illustrative, about my year as a Peace Corps Volunteer and what I hope to gain from another year. I suppose if I promise to do it here, I'll be bound to produce. So look forward to that coming soon right here on