My Race Results

I'm (still) a relative newcomer to the world of foot races and endurance sports so I thought I'd post my race results thus far as a form of self motivation. It can't be considered bragging since the results themselves aren't particularly impressive. Browse at your leisure!

I race cyclocross sometimes too, and I can prove it.

Date Race Finish Time
05/01/2011 Ravenswood Run 5k 23:06
09/17/2011 The Lung Run 10k 51:28
08/28/2011 Chicago Super Sprint Triathlon 45:40
11/05/2011 Hot Chocolate 15k 1:18:07
03/25/2012 Shamrock Shuffle 8k 39:49
04/29/2012 Ravenswood Run 5k 21:27
06/24/2012 Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon 1:23:34
07/22/2012 Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon 2:14:16
10/07/2012 Chicago Marathon 5:01:54
09/25/2016 Chicago Half Marathon 1:53:04
11/05/2016 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 4:03:54
10/01/2017 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon 4:06:17
08/19/2018 Michigan Titanium Half Iron Duathlon 5:10:12

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