Lists, items of interest, and smaller projects that don't quite fit into my project list. I've also curated a list of some external sites to which I'm a regular visitor.

Confessions of a Music Snob

A journey through my ever-expanding music collection.

Album ratings, reviews, listening history, meta analysis and more. It's too much, really.

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Photo Galleries

Amateur photography is rarely interesting, but who doesn't like cat pictures?

Photos from trips. Photos for fun. And yes, cats.

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JavaScript Roman Numeral Converter

A JavaScript tool for converting between Roman Numerals and their Arabic equivalent.

Just I more example of how you might accomplish this.

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Shows I've Been To

An exercise in remembering, and yet another way to combine my loves of music and list-making.

I saw all these bands way before they were cool.

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My Race Results

An illustrious career in endurance sports / Tales from the middle of the pack.

Can't catch me! I'm the gingerbread man.

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The News Archives

Search and view all article posts. There's bound to be something interesting here, right?

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A poem I wrote in a previous life

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