About Me

I'm a web developer, both by trade and by hobby, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Dominican Republic 2006-2008). I'm a mediocre triathlete but an above-average dodgeball player. I enjoy homebrewing and homebrew-drinking. I'm an unapologetic music snob but I'm not too in-your-face about it.

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Web Development

I have over thirteen years of experience developing and maintaining web applications for a variety of user audiences.

I've worked with both Windows/Java/Microsoft SQL and Linux/PHP/MySQL stacks, several popular MVC frameworks, content management platforms, code libraries, external APIs, yadda yadda yadda.

See some of the projects I've worked on.

United States Peace Corps

I served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Dominican Republic, 2006-2008) where I taught basic, intermediate and advanced computing courses (in Spanish!) to youth and adults in my community and ate copious amounts of boiled plantains.

Learn more about my time in the Dominican Republic

Technology as a Hobby

Working with technology isn't just in my job description. I enjoy problem solving and working to expand my skillset on my own time.

That includes things like spending far too much time setting up a pixel-perfect Conky config, writing a full-blown web application to track and manage my personal expenses, or maintaining the server that hosts this site.

About this Site

This combination blog, portfolio and sandbox serves mostly as a reason for me to agonize over my lack of design skill.

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