Web development is both my profession and a hobby. Read on to see some of the projects I've worked on for pay or in my free time. You can read more about me if you'd like to know more about my specific skills and experience.


Training planner and tracker geared towards endurance athletes

Design, Front-End and Back-End Code using Vue.js + Laravel w/ Inertia.js, Tailwind CSS homepage

Personal Website

Yeah, this site. I spend far too much time futzing around with it, and it somehow remains a project I'm interested in after seventeen years.

Design, Front-End Code, Back-End Code and Cthulhu knows what else.

Atproperties Website


Consumer Website for Real-Estate Brokerage

Front-End and Back-End Code

Fox & Shoe

My wedding website! A single-page informational website.

Design and Front-End Code using HTML, Bootstrap, Custom Google Maps theme.

2Twelve Brew Club

2Twelve Brew Club

Informational site and blog for a brew club.

A customized WordPress installation.

Expense Calculator

Expense Calculator

A personal expense tracking and management application built with couples in mind

Design, Front-End and Back-End Code using Kohana, jQuery, Bootstrap 3

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