Misery Index


Misery Index

Format CD
Genre(s) Grind, Metal
Updated January 30th, 2020

A grind album must be loud. A grind album must be short. Yep, this is grind. But there's a lot more here. These blasts of technically proficient punk/metal crossover are married to lyrics that are truly outstanding. A grind album must tell a story, too, and "Misery Index" is a tale of hopelessness and alienation not soon forgotten. Easily one of the top three grind albums ever and highly recommended.

Track Title Rating Last Listen
Assück - Assück - Misery Index - 13 - Intravenous - 7/23/2021
Assück - Assück - Misery Index - 01 - QED - 3/24/2021
Assück - Assück - Misery Index - 14 - A Monument To Failure - 7/9/2021

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