The Ticket Stub

October 25th, 2020

ticket stubs
The ticket stub is a great souvenir.

When I was in high school, nothing seemed cooler to me than "going to the show." At that time, I was starting to get really into punk and indie music (and ska and metal too) and all I ever really wanted to do was see my favorite bands live. San Antonio, TX wasn't exactly a hub for touring bands back then, but we did get our share of shows. After getting a car senior year, I was happily going out of my way to ferry my friends to the White Rabbit, or up the road to Emo's in Austin, to see any bands I could.

I still keep my stack of ticket stubs (from back then and days since!). They're compact souvenirs and they travel well. It's a bit of a bummer that most shows these days don't have physical stubs (shout out to the Old Town School of Folk Music for still having a physical will-call!). Ticket stubs were also a very helpful resource as I began to compile the list of show's I've attended over the years.

So, yes, this post has a purpose beyond pointless reminiscing. I've added a new feature to my archives (the first new feature in several years I believe): a searchable database of bands I've seen. As with most things on this site, this is an exercise in self-indulgence. But maybe it can help somebody else remember one of their favorite shows. I know I've had fun trying to fill in details of shows I know I attended, but can't now remember when/where/with whom.

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