Winter's Here

December 4th, 2007

So winter has arrived, and while I'm not expecting snow, the weather has cooled noticeably and I've bid my farewell to sweaty days and nights. On the other hand, the cool bucket baths can be more of a shock than a refresher, and the end of the heat means the arrival of the rain. I suppose everything is a tradeoff.

The past few months have been relatively eventful. The Official Peace Corps Dominican Republic website has launched and everyone should check it out. Constructive criticism is appreciated. In November Peace Corps held it's annual Thanksgiving celebration. Though I wasn't feeling very well and wasn't able to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal to it's fullest, I was able to perform a song at the talent show. It was actually two songs, as I accompanied a couple of friends for another performance as well. My programming class has been progressing nicely. We've been working with random number generation and probabilities.

I'll be heading to San Antonio in a couple weeks for my last visit home before I finish. In retrospect, I realize two years isn't very long. I'll be finishing my service in under 5 months, and while that may seem like a long time, it's not. I'll get back to the DR at the end of December and immediately make way for Pico Duarte with 3 volunteer friends. We'll spend 6 days hiking up to and back from the summit, getting me back home the 10th or so. A couple of weeks after is our COS (Close of Service) Conference. That leaves just about 3 months before heading home. I'm worried about these last 3 months, saying my goodbyes, emptying my house, and closing up my part of the project (while hoping Veragua doesn't do the same). It's far, but not very far. I've been spending serious time thinking about what comes next. I have some ideas though, and a very understanding girlfriend willing to give me a place to stay. I think things will work out. But more on that later, I've got to go. Hope everyone is doing well. Take it easy.


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