El Codigo DaVinci

June 2nd, 2006

It's a quiet Friday here. The kids at the high school are taking final exams and the younger kids are hardly showing up anymore. But you can't blame them. Today is the last day of school for them. On Monday, I start teaching my first class (ever in my entire life). I'm working with a group of about 13 high school aged kids who already have some more advanced computer experience. It's a web design class, and I hope to start basic but get more down and dirty with some newer technologies and methods.

Besides that, things are going smoothly, if not a little slowly. But the pace of things here is what I need to adjust to. I'm slowly suppressing my impulse to schedule and organize. People here work better without schedules and appointments, which will certainly give me issues later on.

I'm going to see El Codigo DaVinci this weekend in Puerto Plata with another volunteer 25 minutes down the road from me. We'll probably go to the beach too. Life is hard sometimes...

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