martian coronet to toot--
Lauren vibes and then imbibes
the suture sounds of mind and soul
the caulking gun of dollar shots;
seal the deal tonight.
that forty-five degree pelvis;
the bassist wonts to groove.
vibe Lauren, and bring your friends...
home to triumph.

ears to the monitor, hips to the amp,
guzzle your free, free.
the drummer pounds for you.
so spin your fan and radiate,
suck it down with thick smoke wrapped with bow and
arrow through his retina:
the engineer has spied your rear;
he wants to rewire.
pull the straw, squeeze the lemon,
express, express.
singe the innards no man wants.
in her the seance conjured forth.
forsake the world with Stoli baubles,
but arm yourself with shards.

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