Meta: A Collection in Review

I typically think of my music collection as an aggregation of individual albums, since that's how I usually interact with it. But I thought it might also be interesting to look at my collection as a whole.

Which genres are most represented? How many double-albums do I have? Am I buying less music as I get older? I thought I might already know the answer to some of these questions, but some of the data surprised me.

The data below is pulling directly from my collection database and reflects the current state of things.

At a Glance


Genre Breakdown

Because albums can have multiple genre tags, these numbers may add up to more than the total number of albums in my collection. For example, an album tagged Indie and Electronic would count towards both slices.

Genres tagged 10 or fewer times overall are combined into "Other."

By Album Format

I'm not sure it's super important to distinguish formats that are actually physically the same (e.g. CD vs. CDEP or LP vs. 12"), but I suppose it doesn't hurt anything.

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