Format CD
Genre(s) Thrash, Metal, Speed metal
Released 1987
Updated December 6th, 2021
#1 for 1987

I quite enjoy this! Super well-recorded for a speed metal album from 1987. My only complaint is the vocals, which are barked and a bit tinny. To be fair, that was the style at the time, but a different approach could have put this album over the 4.0 mark pretty easily.

The songs are intricate and aggresive, taking a lot from Slayer and Morbid Saint, but somehow they end up catchy too (...relatively. It's still metal). After Schizophrenia Sepultura would slow things down quite a bit. Somehow this is the album of theirs I keep coming back to.

Album Highlights: One of the best late-80's metal instrumentals Inquisition Symphony. Gauntlets thrown, Metallica.

Track Title Rating Last Listen
Sepultura - 01-Session1 Track1 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 03-Session1 Track3 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 04-Session1 Track4 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 02-Session1 Track2 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 05-Session1 Track5 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 06-Session1 Track6 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 07-Session1 Track7 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 08-Session1 Track8 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 09-Session1 Track9 - 12/6/2021
Sepultura - 10-Session1 Track10 - 12/6/2021
Inquisition Symphony - 11/3/2022

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