Four Minute Mile

The Get Up Kids

Four Minute Mile

Format CD
Genre(s) Emo, Indie, Rock
Released 1997
Updated October 13th, 2021
#3 for 1997

I just keep coming back to this album year after year (after year after year since Y2K). This is the musical version of a mopey, gray Sunday in the Midwest. I don't think any of the tracks here really stand out by themselves, but they blur together to create a feeling that resonates with me for some reason. Maybe I'm the human version of a mopey, gray Sunday in the Midwest.

Mopiest tracks: Lowercase West Thomas and Shorty

Track Title Rating Last Listen
Coming Clean - 10/13/2021
Dont Hate Me - 10/13/2021
Fall Semester - 10/13/2021
Stay Gold Ponyboy - 10/13/2021
Lowercase West Thomas - 1/24/2023
Washington Square Park - 10/13/2021
Last Place You Look - 10/13/2021
Better Half - 10/13/2021
No Love - 10/13/2021
Shorty 4
Michelle With One L - 10/13/2021

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