No Whiners

May 27th, 2007

So as some of you might have noticed in the last entry, I was a little stressed out the last few weeks. The kitties were one thing, and I was simultaneously dealing with a quickly approaching yet unplanned graduation ceremony as well as the usual frustrations with (non-)projects and counterparts. But I don't like whining. And anyway, I've come to a temporary resolve which should last at least two more weeks. One can hope.

I've given away two of the kitties to neighbors. I know one will be well taken care of but I can only hope the other will get the kind of treatment it needs. One will stay here with me (the black and white one). He remains unnamed as of yet, but my neighbor likes to call him Mitsubishi. I don't know why.

The graduation has been postponed to mid-June (a full 6 months after the classes actually finished). Still, real, formal planning of the ceremony has yet to occur. My counterpart and I have done all of the possible legwork. Now we just need to get the ceremony organized. That's something my counterpart and I can't do. Not alone at least. I don't know why a simple graduation ceremony has to become a complicated disaster. It certainly doesn't need to. We'll see how the ceremony ends up... I won't continue to nag people about keeping up with it. That will not be my job anymore.

So with the school year winding down these next few weeks, and with one class all but dissolving as the students graduate high school and move on to work or continued study, I'm looking to Veragua to strike me with some summer project inspiration. I refuse to sit around. I would go crazy. But first, I have something much more important to tend to.

As I write this, Corey is on her way to Puerto Plata from Miami for a two week stay. My family is coming next Saturday for a week-long stay as well. I'm looking forward to entertaining them, and I'm sure they're looking forward to the beach. It's sure to be a fun time either way.

Anyway, I better finish mopping up the house and washing the dishes. I wouldn't want to make a bad first impression on Corey :p Hope everyone is enjoying the warming weather. I'll have you know that I'm not! Take it easy, cuidate mucho.

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