Once Again...

March 17th, 2007

Once again I've taken to neglecting the page here but in all honesty there's not been much to report on in the last month. Things in Veragua have been going noticeably slower since my vacation and getting the technology committee here to even meet has been an uphill battle. I have a bad feeling the graduation party just isn't going to happen, especially when those responsible for planning and executing it can't even take 30 minutes to get together and set a date for the dang thing.

On the other hand, things in Gaspar Hernandez with my youth group/class have been going much better. Two of the kids have been giving web design classes of their own to their friends and other local acquaintances. With the little bit of money they charge, the school can buy gas for the generator which runs the lab. We're still not sure whether or not the income covers the cost of running the lab, but it's certainly a tremendous help. At the same time, I've begun an introduction to programming with the group. After a week, I'm not sure how it will go, but some of them have been picking it up. We'll see!

The adventure is halfway over. What does the coming year have in store?

More probably coming soon. Peace.

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