One Whole Year

May 7th, 2007

Last Saturday, May 5th 2007, I celebrated the official one year mark here in Veragua. I didn't end up doing a whole heck of a lot besides working in my front yard a little pulling weeds and such. The grass is coming in nicely, and the guandules (pigeon peas?) tree has finished blooming. My neighbor and I picked most of them on Sunday and she made me a nice lunch with them. I've always liked guandules and it's too bad they can't be found in the States.

During the last week or two I've been thinking about what a year abroad has done to me - how I've changed and what I've learned and done. Certainly there's too much to sum up here as a blog, but I want to put something together, something coherent and illustrative, about my year as a Peace Corps Volunteer and what I hope to gain from another year. I suppose if I promise to do it here, I'll be bound to produce. So look forward to that coming soon right here on

The school year is winding down and even I'm looking forward to the vacation (not so) patiently. What will I do this summer?? Do you guys have plans?

Take it easy for now. Cuidate mucho. David.

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