Come On Die Young


Come On Die Young

Format 2xLP
Genre(s) Post-rock, Rock
Released 1999
Updated December 28th, 2020
#2 for 1999

Melancholy. Perhaps a bit plodding at times, but some beautiful tracks here ("Cody"!). "Old songs stay 'til the end. Sad songs remind me of friends." The televised sports that leads into "Helps Both Ways" never fails to trigger a wave of nostalgia.

Track Title Rating Last Listen
Mogwai - 05-Session1 Track5 - 3/29/2021
Mogwai - 03-Session1 Track3 - 12/28/2020
Mogwai - 02-Session1 Track2 - 12/28/2020
Mogwai - 01-Session1 Track1 - 6/17/2021
Mogwai - 07-Session1 Track7 - 9/20/2021

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