Some Functional Changes

November 14th, 2008

I've been experimenting with PHP and have implemented a number of functional changes to the site, though by all appearances, not much will have changed. I'm working on building a simple content management system which will allow the site to easily scale with new content.

These changes include using XML to manage blog/article entries and a photo manager which allows for easily gallery creation and navigation. Try out the galleries and let me know what you think.

But these changes are just the beginning. I'm working on creating a search box that can search through all site content. While I don't have any plans to move the photo content from the DR Blog page, I will try to move the blog entries and other articles to this site so that they can be searchable as well. This site is a playground for me, but I want it to be usable and clean as well. Let me know if I begin to stray from that aim.

Now that adding content to the site is so much easier (no more creating static pages!), I hope to add more photos and other content at regular intervals. Check back and see what's new.

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