Election Day Will Dry Your Tears

November 6th, 2012

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This ain't no walk in the park

After we dropped our cable television subscription I was no longer able to watch Malcolm in the Middle or Home Improvement reruns while I ate my breakfast before work. In their place I began watching the morning news, WGN to be specific. The WGN Morning News is pretty un-serious as far as news shows go and on slow news days, of which there seem to be many, the anchors will show YouTube videos on the air. The clips they choose are sometimes mildly funny but usually just serve as a way to pass the time between commercial breaks.

Yesterday's clip was more of a time-waster than it was funny, but at least its election theme made it somewhat relevant to the actual news. The video featured a little girl struggling to hold back tears as she explained she was tired of hearing about Barackobama and Mittromney. Her emotion seemed real enough and one wonders how much of this election nonsense kids pick up on. Perhaps she lives in Ohio or one of the other two or three states where Your Vote Matters and the airwaves are constantly bombarded with emotionally manipulative political ads. Looks like we have a future apathetic non-voter in the making!

You may be able to tell that I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the whole election process myself, though I have found ways to deal with the endless and repetitive political ads which don't involve tears and whining. Well, maybe just a little bit. No, I've found ways to comparmentalize my disappointment in and irritation with our media driven political process. Maybe this little girl will find her own way.

Anyway, enough with the politics. I'm back from an eight-day road trip through Cleveland, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Toronto and Grand Rapids and I have the pictures to prove it. I do plan on writing something a little more substantive about the trip and I'm trying to recruit Corey to help me with that. So there's something to look forward to. I'm sure there are lots of other things happening that I could also comment on, and maybe I'll do just that. Maybe I won't!

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