Come To Daddy

Aphex Twin

Come To Daddy

Format 12"
Genre(s) Electronic, IDM
Released 1997
Updated February 2nd, 2020
#5 for 1997

The title track feels a bit worn now (though I can see why it caused a stir when it was new). The real highlights here are the two tracks that illustrate Aphex Twin's bi-polar nature. Both painstakingly crafted, "Flim" is the understated masterpiece, while "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" throws everything at the wall (and hopes it bounces off?). The rest of the EP is somewhat forgettable, but I do find myself revisiting this collection of songs more frequently than the rating would indicate.

Check it out: Jazz greats The Bad Plus have an amazing live band cover of "Flim" that you should watch immediately.

Track Title Rating Last Listen
IZ-US - 8/18/2021
Flim - 11/29/2023

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